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Sport Import Europe BV.
Sport Import Europe B.V. is a design, sourcing and trading company based in the Netherlands. In business since 1995, we pride ourselves in providing a top of the line service to our consumers. Sport Import Europe takes no short-cuts in design, fabric sourcing, size specifications, samples, order handling, quality control and logistics. Our team has a proven track record and experience in sporting goods and seasonal collections. We service various consumers from international sports brands, business-to-business, private label, events, clubs and Teams.

Asian Manufacturers
For over 20 years, S.I.E. works closely with several established manufacturers in mainly Asia. Depending on the production run, S.I.E. will select between the manufacturers based on their work capacity, skill-set and factory production forecasts.  At present, S.I.E. collaborates with over 450 sewing workers, 35 professional merchandisers and 8 patternmakers, all s pecialized in their respective area.

SINCE 1995

Sport Import Europe B.V. was founded in 1995. Thanks to the many years of experience, the expertise of staff and international contacts, Sport Import Europe B.V. is a world class producer in private label.


Production is constantly being checked and reported back to us by an independent quality controller to ensure the best quality possible. The quality controller is based in Asia and checks during the production and before shipment.


Sport Import Europe B.V. Is a dedicated to using the latest production and printing technologies as well as fabrics and assembly techniques available. Fabrics and accessories are sourced from all over the world exclusively from the best known factories and brands, such as YKK for zippers, Dupont, Italian and Spanish fabrics . To keep up to speed with the latest innovations, S.I.E. Visits yearly major international sporting goods, bike and sourcing shows such as, ISPO, Premier Vision, Eurobike, etc.


As a result of our national and international network of suppliers, S.I.E. is in the best possible position to source quality fabrics and accessories. In special circumstances, S.I.E. will outsource to other qualified suppliers to meet your specific wishes.


Our mission is to help you to achieve your goals.
The fact that we work with many events, brands, suppliers and manufactures for consecutive years proves our competence.
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Alex de Boer
CEO Sport Import Europe

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Natalie Tito
CFO / Office planner

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Esther van der Donk
Office Coöperator

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Ruben van den Tol
Office Coöperator


“It’s a great pleasure to work with enthusiastic people. By these people I am referring to coworkers within the company, designers, merchandisers, patternmakers, logistic specialists and most of all you! As our customer, it is a great pleasure to work with you. At S.I.E., we value your business and hope to grow our relationship with you.

When the company started in 1995, we hoped to turn this into a successful company. Thanks to our clients we are able to make this happen and improve ourselves.”

Alexander de Boer, CEO